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Twenty-twenty: A Magical Hardship

What's the best way to describe twenty-twenty? This feels like a trick question. Hmmm... but I will have to call it a magical hardship.



We had A LOT of changes. Some obvious due to the pandemic. Like not being able to do life as usual… which to be honest, was wonder-full the way it was. Getting shut down, and everything that followed that, which in my opinion, was more political than anything else. But we can leave that right there for now. Aside from the obvious crazy, our year started off pretty crappy when we had to let go of two little boys at the beginning of this year we were told we would be adopting. Needless to say, our hearts were crushed.

I could name a couple other things, but I do not want this blog post to be top-heavy.



At the same time, it’s been our best year! Weird, right?

Because we let go of these two little boys, we were able to get two other little boys that have completely changed our world and ravished our hearts. Although it has come with its own kind of adversity between court hearings and the unknown that comes with foster care, they have brought so much joy and wonder into our little world.

ALSO, we dove into Young Living head on (yes, we... he does it behind the scenes with me. Ha!), which has been a HUGE unexpected blessing. My Philip was hired back into law enforcement after a 4 year break— a hidden dream that became possible. Also a HUGE unexpected financial blessing.

Some other great twenty-twenty outcomes:

Our family unit has grown closer overall with more time for good-for-the-soul discussions and dreaming over lots of frothy coffee. We have established some pretty deep friendships that have been a pleasant surprise. After 4 long years, I got a dishwasher. A dishwasher! I still can't believe it. How did I even do life before?


Here's the thing... you cannot appreciate the good without the hard, or experience the glory part without the tough moments in between. There would be no miracle to tell about without the achy process of no miracle. The hard moments and the hard years help keep us aware, alive, and appreciative. And most importantly, hopeful.

My Philip always says, “The same fire that melts butter, hardens clay.” It’s a mindset. A choice that we have, really. There's something deep within that you have to align. Let the fire become a part of your story that you can talk about with hope and a future. Let it fuel you and become the sparkle in your eyes; not the dark circles.

We know that His plans for us are good. His plans for us are a hope and a future. But we have a choice. Do you linger in the hardship, or get up, put your make-up on and push forward? That part, is completely up to you. Dig deep, find alignment, and let hope guide you.


"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Romans 15:13

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