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You do you, boo

I often ask myself if this epiphany came with age... Or could it be a deeper understanding of how He sees me? I say yes to both questions— It's definitely a combo.

We’re so quick to be judgy based on what looks a certain way. As humans, not only can we be quick to judge, but lots of times overly critical.


Oh she didn’t hashtag BLM? She must hate black people.

She wasn’t wearing a mask when I saw her at Walmart. She must hate old people.

They don’t agree with open borders? They must hate Hispanics.

She ate way too many brownies at the luncheon the other day. She must hate herself.

He didn’t say hi to anyone when he walked in. He must hate all people.

She’s too skinny. He’s too fat. They have way too many kids. They’ve been married a long time and still have no kids? What are they waiting for? They travel too much. They never go anywhere. They let their kids go outside barefoot?

Sounds exhausting doesn’t it...


Things are not always as they appear. We need to be mindful of being quick to judge. Instead, let’s stop labeling people and appreciate the differences in them. Wouldn’t our earth be the most boring place in the universe if we all thought the same? Did the same? Believed the same? He created us to be wonderfully made, full of color, and gave us permission to live free in Christ. Not bound by others' opinions or what we should or shouldn’t do or say. Just His. Just what He has to say about us.


So let’s cheer each other on more often. Embrace each other’s difference of opinions and ways of doing life and be FREE! Your BFF just got pregnant and you’ve been trying for 10 years? Cheer her on. That family just adopted the most beautiful baby but you’re still waiting for yours? Cheer them on. Your frenemy landed the best job ever and you’re still making minimum wage? Cheer him on. Your neighbor has the best grass? Go take a patch and run! Just kidding... but you know where I’m going with this. Cheer people on. Your moment is coming. And you would want people to cheer you on instead of misjudge, right?


You do you, boo. If 2020 taught me anything it was just that. You’ve gotta do you, and be confident as hell doing it. No one is living your life or walking a mile in your shoes. The main thing is, take it all before the throne. Take it up with Him. At the end of the day that is who we answer to. What does Jesus have to say about your actions or lack thereof?


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