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Frothy Coffee

Remember the coffee froth I mentioned in my first post? Well, here it is! For all you froth-lovers out there, let’s talk froth first, then go deeper, k?

First off, I HATED coffee. It was always too strong and bitter for my buds. But soon after we were married, My Philip transformed me with his killer coffee making skills. We bought all the fancy machines and I quickly learned how to froth all by myself. Slowly I became a fan. A huge fan. I mostly like sweet lattes and cappuccinos but those still have coffee in them, right? Oh, real quick. Let’s also talk about my love for clear mugs. That’s a pretty big part of what helped me become a believer. Because, you know, seeing is believing. And seeing the beautiful, sedimentary style lines through the mug changes the whole experience. If you’re into it, there’s a quick vid of the frothing process and the clear mug experience posted below!


Before you go clicking around, let’s go deeper for a second.

It’s not just about the coffee or the froth. It’s a little more than that. It’s about all the goodness that comes with it. A good cup of frothy coffee helps me connect. I sit to sip and allow myself to feel all the deep things. When I wrap my eager fingers around that warm, now tawny mug, I feel home. Grounded. Alive.


A little deeper.

Sitting with the Lord, a mug in one hand, my creamy pen and journal in the other, is my favorite thing. And just to be clear, I am no expert in the area of devotion. I love Jesus so deeply and have since I can remember, but have felt like a failure in this area for most of my life. What I can say for sure is that His mercies are new. They are new every morning, every day, every moment. When I sit now, He meets me. Every. Single. Time. Not in a thunderous, grandiose way. It’s quiet and deep and wild all at the same time. I feel His approval deep down in a way I never knew existed until recently. The thing is, I had to embrace His love for me first. I had to truly know He delighted in me. Just me, just the way I am- even all my quirks. I don’t feel His disappointment anymore. Sadly, I felt it for way too long. I used to picture Him waiting at the corner of the room with a smug face, silently wondering why it had taken me so long to finally sit with Him. This is pretty bizarre when you really think about it. He is good. Period. He created us in His likeness. He knit us together in that deep place when no one was there but you and Him. He chose you out of ALL the sperm and ALL the eggs and even ALL the possible combinations of the two. It was your DNA He wanted. He created you to reflect Him. He is not repulsed or annoyed by you and your thousand petitions. He is not far off or too busy doing something else for someone else. Instead, if you allow Him to, He stares your frailties, your insecurities, your disappointments, your anxiety, your fears, your failures and mistakes in the face and says, “Hey girl, grab your frothy coffee and sit with me awhile.”

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“He is not far off or too busy doing something else for someone else.” Crying. Again. 😆💖

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